Arizona Wine Aid 2010

I was just forwarded an email announcing a wine tasting to try and help out the Arizona Vineyards that were devastated by a hailstorm last Sunday:

“The wineries down in Sonoita and Elgin have become more than just clients. They also are friends. Well, our friends are hurting right now. A severe hail storm hit Sunday night wiping out virtually all of their grapes that were to be harvested in the next couple of weeks to make this year’s wines. The fruit in the vineyards along Elgin Road – Callaghan’s Vineyards, Dos Cabezas, Canelo Hills and more – are a complete loss.

They still have some fruit they can get from Willcox but all of their work in the Elgin vineyards has been lost. Now instead of preparing for the huge annual harvest, they will be working just to save the plants so they can survive winter. To say this is depressing is an understatement. So we bring you ….

Wine Aid 2010

Friday, Aug. 20

4-6 p.m.

at the Moses Anshell Wine Bar

Willie Nelson was booked. But here’s what we do have.

Some of us bought a nice big sampling of the Sonoita/Elgin area wines.

We’re putting a signup sheet at the front desk to bring desserts/appetizers and other edibles.

So Friday will be a chance for free eats and free drinks. All we ask is a donation in the collection box that we will pass on to the wineries.

Tell clients, friends and significant others. We want to share Arizona wine – and do something to help”

Mosesanshell website

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