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Scotch Review | Laphroaig 10 year single malt whisky

Wine drinker’s Scotch Review | Laphroaig 10 year

10 year maltI know this is a wine website, but I decided to switch things up with a Scotch review.  Why Scotch? Why this Scotch?

Over the last year I was introduced to the world of Scotch and of all the ones I’ve tried, it is Laphroaig that I enjoy the most.  I was first introduced to Laphroaig on a Friday afternoon at a friends office.   I know it sounds so cliche, sitting in a plush leather chair in the C.E.O’s office, 3pm on a Friday, sipping Scotch!  It is a cliche, an Awesome one!

This particular Scotch appeals to me because it is incredibly rich.  I find most Scotch’s to have a sort of medicinal flavor to them.

I don’t know if you ever remember walking on train tracks as a kid, but if you have you will remember the aroma of the rail way ties.  Creosote. and Peat.  If you haven’t experience walking on train tracks, maybe you are familiar with the aromas of campfire, extinguished campfire, or the smell of your clothes the next morning.

All of these aromas might sound off putting, but I assure you they are not.  If you are a wine nerd like me, you will find Laphroaig one of the most fascinating beverages you’ll ever try.

If you like wines with a nice long finish, you’ll love this.  The finish goes on for 5 to 10 minutes!

Important!  How to drink this drink (and Scotch in general)   Mix the Scotch 50/50 with cold water.  Ice cubes can be added, but they tend to dull and mute the flavors in much the same way that red wine can be when it is served too cold.  I use a couple of ice cubes because I live in Phoenix, Arizona and it is really never below 80F or 27C and so a little ice can make the drink more refreshing. Do not use tap water, use purified or spring water. The water helps elevate the aromas, and softens the heat.  Drinking 80 proof straight up, especially one as rich as this one, will probably be too much.

As a wine drinker, have you enjoyed Scotch?  Other drinks?  Feel free to comment!