Cameron Hughes Diamond Mountain

Wine Review: Cameron Hughes Lot 146, 2006 Diamond Mountain District, Napa Valley

From the Company Literature:  “Deep crimson center with a  matching rim; A focused nose of blackberries and Cassis.  A pronounced mid-palate follows ripe, tender fruit, and notable acidity.  Tannins are firm yet balanced, displaying a full-body and dense structure…distinctive depth and viscosity provide a long, complex finish and fleshy mouth feel.”

Production: 980 cases

$22 online only

I had no idea what to expect from Lot 146 as I did not read the literature before tasting it.  I was impatient and only decanted for about 10 minutes before the first swirl.

On the nose blackberries and Cassis, yes.  The nose is not over powering.   The first sip was not what I expected and really surprised me in a good way.  I thought the wine would have been a lot drier.  Lot 146  was tenaciously sweet at first and so I let it breath another 30 minutes.  After it had opened up the sweetness had subsided to a ripe fruit.  The mid palate is definitely pronounced.  Powerful ripe fruit backed up by a Phalanx of tannins lead into a sensual and glutenous finish.  Lot 146 is sexy! The kind of sexy that you just can’t find in a $15 bottle of California Cabernet.  And now I know why:  Lot 146  was sourced from a $90 program. Good thing I bought 3 bottles!