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Lizbeth Congiusti, aka The Sassy Somellier, tastes some Arizona Wine

I first met Lizbeth Congiusti over a year ago at a Cameron Hughes Wine tasting event. I found her to be extremely knowledgable and friendly. We arranged to meet at the Arizona Wine Grower’s tasting event. She tasted and talked about the wines, and I held the flipcam. Lizbeth is a level II Sommelier, and has published her own book: Sip Swirl Savor. For more info on Lizbeth click on the link below the video.

In this first video she talks with Rod Keeling of Keeling-Shaefer Vineyards, and tries out “His Best Wine!”

In the second video Lizbeth tastes Kief-Joshua Vineyards Cabernet Franc

Click here for Lizbeth Congiusti’s Website

A tour of the Arizona Wine Festival, Tempe Festival of the Arts

Rhonni Boss-Moffit the Executive Director of the Arizona Wine Grower’s Association took me on a tour of the wine tasting event held at the Tempe Festival of the arts.  She  talked  about each vineyard, winery and what the Arizona Wine Grower’s Association is all about.

Check out the Arizona Wine Grower’s Association website HERE

Tempe Festival of the Arts Wine Tasting, March 27th, 2010

The Arizona Wine Grower’s Association put on a wine tasting at the Tempe Festival of the arts this year featuring 12 Arizona vineyards. I was fortunate

Tempe Festival of the Arts, Mill Avenue

enough to be taken on a tour by the Executive Director of the AWGA, Rhonni Boss-Moffit. Rhonni also publishes Arizona Vines and Wines, a magazine about Arizona Wine Country. I arrived at 10am before the wine tasting officially opened to try and get some wine maker interviews, and it’s a good thing I did because by 11am there was already a lot of people there, and by 1pm the event was crammed with eager and adventurous wine drinkers! Right next to the wine tasting area was a stage with live Jazz music by Renee Patrick and Margo Reed.

It was a beautiful warm spring day and a perfect setting for sampling the wines from the emerging Arizona Wine Industry. Arizona now has 39 licensed and permitted wine producers, which is significantly more than there were just a few years ago.

Arizona Wine Grower’s Association website

Arizona Vines and Wines