Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas rapidly approaching and only a few weeks left to shop, you might need some ideas..quick!  Here’s a short list of the most interesting things public relations firms and advertising agencies have emailed me over the last several month:

Wine of the Month Club Membership

wine of the month club boxThe “Original” Wine of the Month Club, founded in 1972 (the best year ever in my opinion) Wine can be a difficult thing to buy for other people, so this is a gift that takes that pressure off.  Each month Wine of the Month Club tastes over 400 wines with only about 60 making the potential selection list and only about 4 making the actual selection.  And they’ve been doing this for a long time, so they know what to look for.  They’re not looking for the brands that anyone can buy anywhere.  They’re looking for hidden and undervalued gems in the $10-$20 range, and you only pay $21.95 a month for 2 bottles, every month!  And that’s just the standard membership.  There are several different tiers of membership and you can choose to receive 1 red 1 white, or 2 of each.  The top tier is about $40 a month and for that members receive 2 bottles a month of wine that retails for $25-$30 a bottle.  There’s just too many exciting options to put in this article, head over to  for all the information.


XXIV Karat Sparkling Wines

24 Karat wineInvented by two Arizona State Grads in 2012, and sourced with wine from Mendocino County this is one of the most unusual wine products I’ve ever seen.  The wines retail for about $40 a bottle.  How do they taste?  These are crowd pleaser wines.  They’re not complex and don’t need to be decanted and sniffed and analyzed.  Just drink the wine.  They taste good.  The novelty is interesting and this is sure to add some excitement to your new year’s celebrations.



Kiwi WoodKraft recycled wood

wine-bottle-holderKiwi WoodKraft uses recycled wine barrels and Arizona mesquite to make wine bottle holders, candle holders, chairs and tables and a number of other interesting products.

*product samples were provided for review





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