Save your suitcase with The Jet Bag

Jet bag wine protection

Jet Bag and Ridge Montebello

Have you ever wanted to transport wine or liquor in your checked baggage, but wondered how the bottles would fair with the rigors of air travel? I have often avoided bringing nice wines on my trips to Vancouver, British Columbia for this very reason.
This past spring I received an email from the folks at Jet Bag, wondering if I would be interested in reviewing their product. I agreed, on the condition that they supply with samples to actually use in the field. I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending a product that I had not used myself. The samples arrived just in time for my trip up to Vancouver to watch the Stanley Cup finals. I wanted to bring 2 special bottles of wine with me, and this was the perfect opportunity to test out The Jet Bag.

Jet Bag wine shipping

The absorbent material inside the Jet Bag

The Jet Bag is a plastic bag with absorbent diaper like material on the inside, and a zip lock like feature on the top. You simply insert the bottle into the bag, remove any excess air, and seal the zip.
The bag is designed to absorb the wine and contain it inside the bag should breakage occur during transport.
I received a follow up email from the folks at Jet Bag, a rather hilarious follow up… apparently members of the media who had been given the bags to review had been putting wine bottles in the bag and then dropping them on the concrete sidewalk to see how the bag works.
THIS IS NOT HOW THE BAG WORKS! The bag absorbs the spill, not the impact. The clothes in your bag provide more than adequate impact absorption.

Wine protection

Remember to seal the bag!

I put the wine in the bags, put the bags in my suit case, and headed off to the airport.  3 hours later I arrived in Vancouver and when I finally reached my destination I quickly and nervously opened my suitcase.  Had the bag burst and spilled wine all over the inside of my suitcase?

NO!  I was very happily surprised, everything was in tact.  The wine survived, my clothes survived.

On my way back from Vancouver I spent 4 days in Napa Valley, and so once again I decided to bring back some wine.  This is where the Jet Bag ran into a small problem.  And it’s not a flaw of the Jet Back, it’s a problem with the TSA.  I arrived back in Phoenix, opened up my suitcase and there was a letter from the TSA informing me that my bags had been opened for extra inspection.  The Jet Bags with the wine in it had been opened, but they had failed to reseal the bags!

But that issue is beyond anyone’s control, I will still be using the Jet Bags to transport my wine in the future.

The Jet Bag retails for $15 for a 3 pack


  1. This is fabulous! I always want to buy wine to bring home to friends in the States and I’m always too terrified to put it in my suitcase. I’m definitely going to think about buying a few of these. What’s the price range and can I order them to ship to France?

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