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Gary Vaynerchuk’s has been a great way to review share and discuss wine.  Over the past year a new “corkd content” section was added. Corkd senior editor Jonathan Troutman worked with bloggers, sommeliers and wine aficionados to produce educational wine content on a daily basis.  I was contacted by Gary, Jon and Corkd CEO Lindsay Ronga early last year to guest write and I jumped at the opportunity.  I managed to pump out (with the help of Jon’s impressive editing skills) 40 arcticles.

But if you’ve visited the Corkd Content recently you will have noticed that there have been no new guest blogger updates since December 13th.  And @Corkd hasn’t tweeted since December 15th.  What’s going on? Are they planning to rebrand/revamp the content portion of  Are they shutting down, selling out? There are definitely some changes coming, but the team has been very hush hush about what the plans are.  I have been in email contact with Jonathan Troutman and asked him if Corkd was going to be revamping, rebranding, and asked him point blank “What is going on over at Corkd?”  He responded by saying he should have an answer to my questions very soon.

…stay tuned…

UPDATE: Corkd Content is winding down operations.  Lindsay Ronga will be “moving on to other opportunities” according to the final tasting note posted on on January 12th.  Senior editor Jonathon Troutman will be working with Gary Vaynerchuk in other capacities. will still be operational, but there will be no new content or maintenance.  Gary said in a video post that the site will be up for a couple more months to give people time to export their reviews elsewhere.  He also mentioned the possibility of selling the site.

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