Wine Review | Cameron Hughes Lot 172

Cameron Hughes Lot 172 | 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley

I bought this wine for about $19 on a recent trip to Costco.

Lot 172 wine bottle

Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 172

It is a little pricier than most of Cameron’s Wines, but in my experience that means its going to be an amazing wine.  Maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, and probably not a good way to start an “objective” wine review but that’s how I roll!

First lets look at the technicals for Lot 172:  The blend is 95% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Malbec, with 95% of the fruit being sourced from Atlas Peak and 5% from Napa Valley.  The alcohol content is 14.9% and production was 4,000 cases.

Lot 172 wine image picture

Lot 172 in the glass

On the nose:  Black fruits and a little vanilla oak.  On the palate: Rich and young, typical of mountain fruit. The tannins are mouth puckering yet not out of balance with the other aspects of the wine, though if you are not a fan of big tannins you should decant for several hours and/or cellar this wine for a while.  The fruit on the palate is predominantly blackberry/blueberry with black tea tannins and more vanilla notes.  If you are a fan of big bold California Cabernet’s that are slightly less ripe than the typical valley floor wines, this is the wine for you.  This is a wine made for a big juicy grilled steak.

Recent accolades for Lot 172 include a Double Gold medal at the Long Beach Grand Cru and a 92 point rating from Wine Enthusiast.  Not surprisingly this wine is now sold out online and can only be found at select Costco’s.

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