Dinner with Maynard James Keenan for $8000

There’s a Master Card commercial in this headline somewhere but I’m not going to go there!  This past Saturday November 6th, 2010 the 2nd annual Arizona Wine Grower’s Festival on the Farm was held at The Farm at South Mountain.  One of really interesting things that happened that day was a live auction.  Some of the items being auctioned included wine tours to Paso Robles, and even a 3 night stay in Napa.  But the item on the block that fetched the highest bid of the day was dinner with Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle fame.  The dinner will be prepared by world renowned and award-winning chef Mark Tarbell. The dinner will take place at a super top secret “undisclosed location” The winner also gets a case of Caduceus Cellars wine do drink with dinner and can take home the unused wine.  In the middle of the auction Maynard sent a message that he would be adding an additional 6 bottles of wine.  Here is a video of this auction.

Complete results of the auction click here


  1. Looking to buy a case, but can you compete with Harlan or Maya? That’s bold but looking forward to trying your wine anyway, Maynard.
    Great shows in LA by the way. Weak and Powerless and the Outsider were awesome!

  2. I plan on trying to beat that number next year with my auction entry. Granted I don’t have the mystic, front man singing talent, wine scores, distribution, notary, or Mark Tarbell on my side. But what I do have is…..well…hmm….a year to plan?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated – Robert Carlson

  3. Its amazing that the dinner actually went for so much, although its granted that if i actually had that much cash on me I wouldn’t have hesitated, slurper or not jeje. But its still mind-blowing, it seems that everything he is involved in thrives beautifully, commitment and passion always seem to pay off it seems.

    1. The dinner with legendary Arizona wine-maker Kent Callaghan with FnB’s Pavle Milic and Charlene Badman went for $4,800…that would have been amazing. Mr Callaghan upped the ante by throwing in 24 bottles of ANY wine you choose from his vast collection. Then Pavle upped the ante by adding that he and Charlene would personally cook dinner the weekend after the Callaghan dinner AT YOUR HOUSE!

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