Interview with John McLoughlin, winemaker Bitter Creek Winery

I recently made the trip from Phoenix up to Jerome to meet with Jon McLoughlin, winemaker at Bitter Creek Winery.  It was nice to get away from the summer heat, and up into the mountains.  Jerome is built on the side of a mountain and is situated at 5,246 feet.  I emailed John some questions and he responded, and I also interviewed him on camera,  First the emails:

Weekly Wine Journal:  How has the weather been so far this year and how is the 2010 crop doing.

John McLoughlin:  So far luck is with Dragoon Mountain Vineyard!  Early in 2010, we had two days of a late freeze!   Not good when the vines are just starting to “push”.  Many of the vineyards in the State were hard hit.  Dragoon Mountain Vineyard was fortunate, our land is pretty flat, and that allows the air to move across the vineyard.  When there are depressions in the contour of the ground, the cold air will settle in the low points and that is when frost can occur.

Weekly Wine Journal: Which varieties are doing the best.

John McLoughlin: Right now the Big Reds are doing very well!

Here is the video:

More Videos at the Weekly Wine Journal’s YOUTUBE Channel

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