Wine Review: Lang and Reed 2007, Cabernet Franc, North Coast California

Alcohol: 13.5%

Lang & Reed 2007 Cabernet Franc

Price: $22 online, $15-$20 retail. In Arizona it’s available at AZ Wine Company

100% Cabernet Franc

The nose:   Pretty floral notes, sweet almost marshmallow like…  it’s true!  Smell a freshly opened bag of marshmallows sometime…

The Palate: Slightly creamy texture, bright acidity, not a heavy long lasting acidity.  It’s more of a youthful acidity.  The fruit is a sweet and sour cherry. Sweet like a ripe dark cherry but quickly transitions into a tart unripe fruit center.  Like you are eating the center of the fruit.  Chewy Wooly tannins which make your mouth pucker up a bit, squeaky teeth tannins I like to say.

The Finish: Pleasant and light little touch of herbs.

Conclusion:  For the price ($15-$20) it is a very decent Cabernet Franc.  I’m not blown away to the point of buying several cases of it, but I think I will buy several more bottles and lay them down to see how it ages of the next year or two.  I paired this wine with a nice big New York Steak, and a twice baked potato with loads of melted extra sharp Tillamook cheddar on top.  And finished with a big piece of chocolate brownie cheesecake.  The wine went great with all three. And speaking of a nice big steak why not check out my super awesome steak recipe here

Lang and Reed Website Here


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