Wine Review: Wyndham Estate, George Wyndham Founders Reserve Shiraz, 2005

Wyndam Estates Shiraz

Wow thats a long name.  Wyndham Estates bin 555 was my “First” wine.  The first wine that I actually enjoyed beyond the effects of just the alcohol.  From what I remember, it paired well with Classico brand pasta sauce.  I haven’t had any Wyndham Estates wines in ages, I’ve been on a California Cabernet kick for a while, but I decided when I was at Costco the other day to give ‘ol Wyndham a try again…

Technicals (from the Wyndham website):

Bottled: July 2007

Aging:  One and two year old American and French oak for up to 16 months

Alcohol: 14.5%

Price: $12.79 at Costco

Wyndham Estates tasting notes are short and to the point:

Color: Dark Cherry with bright purple hues

Bouquet: Spicy Choc mint nose with lifted violets and vanilla bean

Palate: Dense ripe blackberry fruits with a  luscious mid palate and a velvety tannin finish

Here’s what I found:  Dark cherry color.  Spicy oak nose.  I did not notice any violets or vanilla.  On the palate it was big on the “Dense ripe Blackberry fruits”.  The mid palate was not as “luscious” but plummy and gently tart. I equate luscious with sweet, maybe I’m wrong.  There were some velvety tannins on the finish.  All in all this wine is actually a little more to my liking than say the Pillar Box Red which I reviewed a little while ago.  This wine is not as sweet, and quite a bit more subdued.  And it should be, it’s a 2005, it’s had enough time to settle down.  And just for old times sake I paired it with Classico Florentine spinach and cheese pasta sauce with a little added ground beef and served on whole grain spaghetti noodles with a side of sour dough bread with melted parmesan Reggiano on it.  Follwed by Hagen Daaz dulce de luce ice ream and frosted lemon cake.  I kinda freaked out on the sugar eh?

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