Wine Review: Cameron Hughes Lot 104 2006 Stellenbosch, South Africa. Meritage

47% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Cabernet Franc, 20% Petite Verdot

Production: 800 cases.  Available on the Cameron Hughes website and at select Costco’s

Price $11.99

I visited Stellenbosch in 2005 and toured the town and surrounding area.  Beautiful setting for wine country.  The hills and mountains remind me of Austria. But I digress…what does this wine taste like?

Slightly earthy and flower like aromatics.  The palate is rich and intense; plummy with vanilla oak on the back-end.  I can pin point that classic Cabernet Franc perfume as well.  Lot 104 is surprisingly complex yet easy to drink for a $12 wine.  It’s the kind of wine you break out a little later at night when you realize you want the party to continue.  A solid wine, smooth and not in need of much decanting.  Lot 104 will pair well with grilled meats, good friends and lively conversation.

Wow, just reading that last sentence, it reads like one of those blurbs on the back of a crappy bottle of wine!  But seriously though, that’s how I enjoyed it last night.  What say you dear Reader?

It’s okay to comment, do it now!


  1. Nothing wrong with your response to a wine reading like a wine label. Probably means that it was a pleasant wine to drink. 🙂

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