Wine Review: Cameron Hughes Lot 100, 2006 Stag’s Leap Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon

Appellation:  88% Stag’s Leap, 9% Coombsville, 3% Mount Veeder

Grape: 97% Cabernet, 3% Petite Verdot

Production: 4,000 Cases

$21 online, and available at select Costco’s for under $20.

From the company literature: “…almost pitch black with a red rim.  Classically beautiful notes of cassis, raspberry, and blackberry in an intense nose are echoed on the palate…chewy fine tannins…a rich and powerful cuvee.  Structurally dense…excellent aging potential.

This wine really wows me.  Not because it smacks me in the face saying “Hey I’m a big monster cab!” .  It wows me because of its grace.  And also because has anyone ever heard of a Stag’s Leap Napa Valley cabernet for anything close to this price??  Lot 100 is a serious wine, decant it for an hour to let it open up.  Pair it with a nice juicy steak, drink it slowly over the course of the night, or if you can’t pace yourself be sure to get the second bottle ready before hand.  Out of all the Cameron Hughes Wines I’ve tried lately this one is the most ready to drink.  It will age, but it certainly doesn’t need any more time in the bottle.  I ordered a few bottles just before Christmas and then I ordered another couple on New Year’s Eve and I am drinking it while I am writing this post…sip..mmmm.  I just went online to order some more and it’s SOLD OUT! OH NOOOO!! I really should have bought a case.  You see, I have plenty of wines that I am holding on to, wines that actually need aging to be enjoyed, but I don’t have a lot that I can drink now.  And I don’t really want to spend $50 to $100 a bottle for a decent bottle of wine once a month.  Sure I could buy a case of $10 to $15 wine and make do…but it’s pretty tough to do that when you’ve been spoiled.  C’est la vie.  Really kicking myself though. Anyways if you happen to be cruising through a Costco and notice any Cameron Hughes Lot 100 do yourself a favor and buy a case.  Actually you should probably cash out of your stocks and buy 5 or 10 cases.  I think Charles Schwab would say that is a good strategy for retirement.


  1. If you email them, you might be able to grab a case, they just told me they found 9 cases. On the strength of your review (and my recent experience with them) I ordered 2, so there are 7 left!

    1. Unfortunately I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I am 100% sure they will be ruined by the time they arrive at my door. There will be more, in fact I am hearing that Lot 172 is a monster

  2. Yes, Lot 172 is great. I bought a case and have already drunk about half of it and have another case on order for delivery in November. Do you know about their buy and hold program? You can buy now and have it delivered later, when it is cooler.

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