Christmas Dinner Wine Pairings

For those of you searching for something other than the traditional Christmas Dinner Wine Pairings, see my post Not the Same Old Wine Pairings.

So you’re having turkey dinner…

For those of you who want to show your guests that you have absolutely zero imagination or tolerance of risk, and that you have an almost maniacal disregard for their well-being,  I suggest you serve pink Zinfandel all day and all night.

If you want to go with a little more risk and pizzaz, try serving a fruit forward Red Zinfandel or Primitivo.  Layer Cake makes a decent $13 Primitivo.  It has a fairly light alcohol content at 13.5% and gentle tannins.  It’s a little bit sweet and generally happy to play second fiddle to the rest of your holiday meal.  For white you could serve a fruity Riesling.  I suggest Sofia (Coppola) Riesling at about $13.

If you want to step it up a little more and show some creativity, while still conforming to the wine pairing rule book you could serve a dry Pinot Noir.  I suggest Luigi Bosca Reserva 2007 Pinot Noir from Argentina.  90 points from Jay Miller for Robert Parker.  Retails for about $15-$20.  For white go with 2007 Chateau St. Michelle Riesling Eroica  (NOT their regular Riesling) 91 points and about $20-$25.

there you have it, short and sweet.  Merry Christmas everyone!


    1. Yes, there are a lot of people that feel the need to “buy some wine” at Thanks Giving and Christmas, but otherwise are not interested. If the wine blogging community can steer them in the right direction maybe they will join the fun more often! Cheers!

  1. Weekly wine guy: Thanks for your comment on my article “Wine Tasting, Yeah So?” Perhaps you’d be into linking over to The Wine Layman ( and me to yours? Seems like on a couple of different levels our blogs are trying to carry the same message. Plus we’ve got the same header graphic- almost.

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