William Hill Estate Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005

Part one:
I picked this wine up the same day that I picked up the bottle of Spring Mountain Cabernet that I drank last Saturday.  I remember the wine steward at the grocery store pointing this out to me and saying what an incredible price it was.  It was $29 with a 25% discount.  I just visited the William Hill website and I see they have it for sale for $60 ($30 if you buy 6)…so she wasn’t kidding, I got a smokin’ deal! Not so fast there Timmy, let’s see how it tastes…
But first, the technical data:

Blend of grapes:     94% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Petit Verdot
Production:             1,000 Cases
Alcohol Content:   14.7%
27 months in French and American oak

From the company literature: “…an abundance of black and blue fruits in the aroma, layered with licorice and spice. The concentrated palate finishes long with a balanced expression of elegant tannins.”

I wasn’t picking up too much on the nose, but that’s not bad, pretty much like the Spring Mountain, and less obvious than Chimney Rock. On the palate I picked up on the licorice and spice, especially as it had more time to breathe. Black licorice has a slightly gritty texture to it, I was picking up on that with the tannins. Maybe dusty is a better description not gritty. Actually clay has that fine texture to it.  When is the last time you ate clay??    I did notice a tiny tiny little bit of heat from the alcohol later on. The finish was powerful and laser focused.  I saved half  the bottle to drink the next night. I wanted to see how 24 hours of air would affect it and also just because it’s “#winewednesday” on twitter, doesn’t mean I can polish off a whole bottle and arrive at the widget factory at 8am Thursday morning and operate the discombobulator without killing myself.

Part Two:

The second night and the wine has been open for 26 hours. The wine has warmed up (I kept it in the fridge last night).  The tannins are making my teeth squeaky.  I can really taste 27 months of oak, just about but not over-oaked…more than I’m used to though.  Reminds me of Raymond Vineyards Reserve Cabernet.  No heat from the alcohol tonight, maybe I was just imagining that last night?  very squeaky teeth though, like when you grind your teeth a little bit after drinking a Coca-Cola.  All in all, enjoyable.  Not as hyped on this wine as Spring Mountain, but it is pretty good.


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