Paying the Bills

Until someone pays me to blog…here’s what I will be doing this weekend…

Cameron Hughes Wines Demos at Costco!

Saturday, December 12th: 9:30am to 5pm  Costco North Phoenix (19001 North 27th ave at Yorkshire)

Sunday, December 13th: 10am to 5pm  Costco Phoenix (1646 West Montebello–inside Christown Spectrum Mall)

Come out and visit, or send me an email for more info


  1. So do you go to Costco and answer questions about their wine? Cool gig! – I’m looking at buying a house in Chandler and will be visiting in January. Maybe we can do a wine bar review together.

    1. Yes, I set up a little table with the various Cameron Hughes Wines they are promoting. I mainly try to find out what people like and then pair them with a wine that I think they will like, regardless of whether its CH Wine or not. More often than not though it is Cameron Hughes just because of the amazing value of the wines. A dual wine bar review would be a great idea! Two different reviews of the same event…maybe we can get some free wine!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! The Oatmeal Date Bars are good, well, to me ;D
    I deff will save your blog in my favorites. Ulterior motive? Bwahahaha…. The wine ♥

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