Henry’s Drive, Dead Letter Office, Shiraz 2006

From the company literature:  “…deep crimson red colour.(note that is the English way of spelling color)  Juicy rich aromas immediately strike the nose with a wide spectrum of fruits including raspberries, cherry and plum intermingle with milk chocolate, vanilla bean and roasted coffee. ..layers of creamy tannins form the foundation of this wonderfully opulent fleshy and fruit driven wine.  The palate is succulent with subtle, spicy integrated oak and traces of black pepper.”

$22 at Fry’s Marketplace.  I decanted for an hour, and then had my first sip.  Too intense.  Waited another half hour, couldnt wait any longer.

On the nose I couldnt find anything really substantial, a little bit of red fruit, a little bit of coffee. While I was sniffing away I did notice the color…dark dark crimson,  it looks delicious.

On the palate it was an intense fruit bomb.  Tart red fruit, raspberries, and black pepper.  Not just traces of black pepper, lots of black pepper. I was picking up a little heat from the 15% alcohol content as well.

The consensus at the dinner party was that this wine was not worth the original price tag of $42, and it was also not worth the new marked down price of around $22.  The guests thought it should be priced $12-$15, it was just too intense for most people’s tastes, including mine, and I actually like an intense Shiraz, but I was hoping for a little more complexity for the price.


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