Cuvaison, Pinot Noir, Carneros 2007

From the company literature:  “Aroma: boysenberries, anise, wild strawberries and cinnamon.  Palate: Flavors of black plum, strawberry and raspberry on toast.  A full-bodied, black-fruited Pinot with lifted aromas and a nice “lime peel” acidity on the finish”

I liked this wine, it was rich and full-bodied.  On the nose, a hint of cinnamon.  On the palate I really picked up on the strawberry and raspberry and well balanced acidity.

Retail price clocks in at about $30, which is a little steep for a wine that doesnt totally blow me away, (I know call me cheap). Or at least partially blow me away.  Kind of like “mmm, this is pretty good, can I have some more?”  but not “Wow! I need to buy a case!”

It’s a good wine, and it would definitely be on my big huge “To buy” list if it were under $20.

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