Cameron Hughes, Lot 76. Cabernet 2005

**Disclaimer**  I work part-time for Cameron Hughes Wine, selling this and other Cameron Hughes wines in various Costco’s in the Metro Phoenix area.  Lot 76 is currently sold out.

Having said that, I LOVE this wine! It hails from Rutherford District, Napa Valley. I love the layers of dark berry fruit, the fine “dusty” tannins.  There is also a subtle earthiness to it that I quite like.  Also, there is a hint of a flavour and a nose that I recognise from the Titus Vineyards Cabernet Franc and Chimney Rock Cabernet.  This wine is incredibly easy to drink, and would be a great wine for someone to begin the transition from “bulk wines”  to more complex and interesting wines.  It was only $10.99 a bottle when it was available, and it sold out pretty fast.  There were a lot of repeat customers buying it by the case.

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