Titus Vineyards Zinfandel, 2007

From their tasting notes:  “Ripe aromas of briary red fruit are wrapped in exotic spices of the nose and translate through to the palate with the addition of candied raspberries and cherries.  The mouth-feel is full bodied and lush showing hints of sweetness on the palate.  This Zin’s long spicy finish is enhanced by vanilla, licorice and toast notes imparted by the American Oak used to age this wine.”

It’s actually 85% Zinfandel, 15%  Petite  Sirah.  I tasted the wine without pre-reading their tasting notes.

Referring to my trusty little black note book I see some poorly written scribbling:  “First taste–medium bodied,  very slight earthiness.  2nd taste, spicy, dry”

I would have to say that this wine needs a little more time to evolve, but thats not necessarily a bad thing if you like to collect and store wine.  If you like a dense jammy Zin that is ready to drink now,  I don’t think this will be the wine for you.  If you like your zin on the drier and spicier side, then I think you’ll find this wine more agreeable.  1,838 cases produced, $27 a bottle retail.

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