Titus Vineyards Andronicus, 2006

According to Eric E. Titus, vineyard manager, this is their first release of Andronicus.  As a side note Titus Andronicus is supposed to be Shakespear’s earliest tragedy and is a tale of bloody revenge. As a side side note, I have not read it, and there is a 92% chance that I never will, although I think having just blogged about it maybe that chance is now 80%.  In fact it will probably gnaw at me for the rest of my life, so i better put it on my big huge to do list.  Actually I need to put “create big huge to do list” on my regular to do list…aah maybe later.

Okay, where was I? Thats how this wine is.  Nice segeway eh? Yes I would say that.  Multiple layers of blueberry and blackberry created an interesting effect in that each time I took a sip, it tasted different.  That might be because of the make up.  77% Cabernet, 9% Malbec,  6% Merlot, 5% Petit Verdot, and 3% Cab Franc.  The only thing missing to hit for the cylce would be some Carmenere. Thats a baseball reference for all you hockey fans. But it’s just fine without it.   I really liked this wine.  It’s ready to drink now.  There were no tasting notes to compare my notes with, and there is also no information on their website so I dont know how much it costs or how much they made, or anything other than the breakdown of grapes, which I found posted on Snooth.

UPDATE: 2/12/2010

I had a glass of Andronicus with filet Mignon at a restaurant last night and it was absolutely fantastic.  Pairs very well with the red meat.  It’s not a fruity jammy California Cab.  Much more nuance but still big and bold, nice solid tannins, long finish.  Black currant cool mint eucalyptus.


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