The Gate Shiraz 2003

From time to time Fry’s has a wine sale…10% off on purchases of 6 bottles or more.  Every time I am there for groceries I always take a quick stroll through the wine department.  This past August I noticed they had The Gate Shiraz, the 2003 vintage on sale.  It was normally $39.99…and they had it on sale for $16.99 if you use your vip shoppers card.  AND if you buy 6 or more bottles you get 25% off! That works out to $12.74 a bottle.  So I bought a dozen and put them in the fridge.  As of yesterday there are 5 bottles left.

So what do I think of it  In short?  I LIKE it!  Why?  It’s unfiltered, its raw and powerful.  Big chewy tannins, lots of sediment.  This might frighten the novice wine drinker.  They may wonder what all that stuff is settling in the bottom of their glass.  It’s character.  So this wine has had a few years in the bottle, it drinks nicely right now, with at least an hour of decanting, preferable 2 though.  That is when the ripe blackberry fruit starts to emerge, that is when I begin licking my lips for more.

Is it worth the price?  It’s currently $24.99 at my local Fry’s.  For me, yes it is, and I wish I had bought a lot more when it was $12.74.

In my fridge awaiting testing:  Mitolo Reiver, D’Arenberg The Dead Arm, Shingleback D Block.

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