Can you tell the difference between $10 and $40 wine?

I have heard a lot of people say that they are not wine connoisseurs and cannot tell the difference between cheap and expensive wines.  So this past Saturday night I decided to conduct a little unscientific test.  At 4:30pm I decanted two bottles of Australian Shiraz, 2003 vintage.  One bottle cost roughly $10 and the other cost about $40.  At 7:15  I poured the wine in glasses and briefed the test subjects:

“One of these wines cost $10 a bottle, the other cost $40, can you tell which is which?”

Three out of the four subjects were able to tell almost immediately which was which.


  1. Hi Tim,

    My fiancee’ and I JUST did this same thing in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. Asked the grocery store “wine guy” to reccommend a good big local Catalured from Catalunya. He steered us to a 20 euro wine ( about $30). Then we picked up another local red on sale for 2 euros (approx $3).

    We blind tested ourselves… We both knew in a split-second which was the more expensive! Ironically, we didn’t like either. When we mixed them together our “blend” was better!

    1. I just did a little home blending myself, mixing the Mitolo Reiver shiraz with the Cameron Hughes Lot 76 Cabernet. It was the remnants of both bottles, made a nice big glass. Thanks for commenting!

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