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Blue Tooth Wine Society celebrates with JAW cellars

Arizona wine broker

The lineup!

The “Blue Tooth Wine Society” celebrated the holiday season this past Saturday night at the home of Jim Wiskerchen.  Jim is the founder of the Blue Tooth Wine Society, a group of people who share a common interest in learning about wine in a relaxed and friendly environment.  The BTWS currently has 275 members.

Arizona wine maker

Jim Wiskerchen

Jim Wiskerchen is also a wine broker for many Arizona wineries.  Currently Jim sells just under 10,000 cases of wine a year for his winery partners, and he plans to double that in 2012.

But wait, theres more!  Jim is also a winemaker!  Jim’s first vintage was released just a few months ago: JAW Cellars “Meritaz”  a play on the Meritage name, containing a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec, aged 24 months in New French oak

Jim plans on increasing production in 2012 to over 175 cases.  He also will be releasing more varietals.  His plans include a Malbec, a dry Zinfandel, a Red Bordeaux blend and a white Bordeaux blend and a GSM.  He also is planning a Torrontes, a wine which has done quite well in Argentina.

Rare Jem: '95 Quilceda Creek

The holiday party was attended by a variety of guests, the more die hard fans of the Blue Tooth Wine Society!  Each brought a wine to share.  The variety was incredible.  From The Duro, Portugal to Campo de Borja, Spain.  From Sonoma, Napa and Lodi to Washington State and Arizona.

Some of the rare gems we enjoyed included a 1995 Quilceda Creek Cabernet and a 2005 Caduceus Cellars “Nagual Del

Rare Jem: '05 Caduceus Sensei

Sensei” and a Cameron Hughes Lot 200

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