The Weekly Wine Journal reviews wines, wine makers, wine bars and wine events.

What rating system is used

As of January 2014, a point system loosely based on Wine Spectator’s 100 point scale will be used:

  • 95-100 Classic: a truly great wine
  • 90-94 Outstanding: a wine of superior character and style
  • 85-89 Good: a decent wine.
  • 80-84 Just OK: a drinkable wine.
  • <84 Not very good, not recommended

I subscribe to the idea that it is important to consume the entire bottle to get a true idea of all the aspects of the wine.  Though maybe not all in one night!  I don’t taste thousands of wines a year mainly because of the cost but also because we prefer to taste less wine, but taste more of it.  Less is more?  I like to review each wine at least twice,  sometimes wines can taste different depending on mood, presentations, factors not directly attributable to the wine itself.  And I also like to see how the wine is aging.

Special attention is taken to ensure that the wines are stored and tested at the correct temperatures.  Wines are decanted, though I always take the first sip right after opening the bottle, and then subsequent samples are taken at regular intervals throughout the analysis which is usually spread over 3-6 hours and then again 24 hours later.

The wines we review are a mix of personal purchases and winery provided review samples.   If you are a vineyard/winery/winemaker and would like your wine reviewed contact us.  I can’t guarantee that we will review all the wines we receive but every effort will be made to provide feedback.

weeklywinejournal (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Went to Costco at two locations in the Bay Area, but both only were
    stocking the 2009 Vintage – no 2997 vintage was still available. Have you
    tried the 2009? Crews

  2. Hey Tim,
    While Eric’s place gets all the coverage, have you tried the tasting rooms at his neighbors? Not a quarter mile up the road is Oak Creek Vineyard and Winery, and next door, Javelina Leap. Oak Creek’s site grown Zin recently won a Whole Foods people’s choice tasting in Scottsdale. People’s choice awards are the only ones that really matter. Who cares what you experts think?
    Javelina is doing great things too. Just up the road a bit you’ll find the old Page Springs Restaurant has been transformed under new ownership into Up The Creek Grill. No more beige prime rib and canned three bean salad, hoo haw!

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